Khaki Campbell Ducks & Eggs

We are excited to introduce the newest members of our farm!

In spring of 2019 we brought home our first 3 Khaki Campbell ducklings. We fell in love and now our flock now consists of 6 laying hens.

If you are interested in purchasing Farm Fresh duck eggs please contact us for pricing and availability.​

Egg availability may vary from week to week and are sold on a first come basis.

1/2 Dozen, Full Dozen and 18 Count are all avaliable.

About Khaki Campbell Ducks

Khaki Campbell ducks (also known as Campbells) are on The Livestock Conservancy Watch list. They are a light weight bird mainly used for egg production. They are very prolific layers with the ability to produce 250- 340 eggs per year.

The breed was orginally developed in the 1800s in Glouchester, England. The Fawn and White Indian Runner ducks and Rouen ducks were used in the development of this breed.