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Romney Sheep

A Brief History:

Romney Sheep trace their orgins back to sheep known as the Romney Marsh sheep originating from the Romney Marsh in Kent, England. They are a hearty breed that is well adapted to wet damp climates and resistant to hoof rot. They have a docile temperment making them easy to handle. 

The Romney sheep have beautiful lusterous fleeces. They are a classic breed for spinners as it is a very easy and forgiving fiber to spin. Romney is an excellent choice for beginner spinners. Their fiber can be made into mid to outterwear garments and beautifuly felts. 

The first Romney sheep were imported in 1904 to Oregon's Willamette Valley by William Riddle. In the early 1900s the Romney sheep was the breed of choice to run on the rye grass fields that dominate the valley's farm industry. While today the Romney has been pushed out and replaced with faster maturing sheep they still are known to be a dual purpose breed. In 1974 the first natural colored Romney was registered by Morris Culver, also located in the Willamette Valley.

We are very proud to continue the Romney legacy with our Willamette Valley flock.​

Our Flock:

Our Romney flock consists of both white and natural colored Romneys. We specialize in high quality fleeces with the handcrafter and breeder in mind. While high qaulity fleeces are very important as part of our farms selection it is also important that our Romney sheep maintain their traditional dual purpose nature.

Our natural colored flock is based off three foundations ewes of early 2000s Silver Creek Lambscapes breeding. They have left their mark on our flock with beautiful fleeces. Our white Romney flock is made up of Lynn Barnes, Southern Oregon Romneys and Kalina Family breeding.  


We are very honored and excited to have recieved the Oregon State Fair Golden Fleece Award and the Diamond Award at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in 2017 with our Natural Colored Romneys.

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