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Wool Products


 At Covered Bridge Farm our goal is to offer high quality fleeces and wool products with fiber enthusists in mind. All our products are grown here on the farm or come from other farms in the area. In efforts to support our local fiber arts community all our yarn, roving and other fiber products are milled at a local mill in our area.

We are pleased to be able to share with you the love we have for country life and our dear, little woollies by offering you a part of their wool!​

Dorset Fiber Products:

For those of you who are fans of the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson, here is a rarebreed fiber to worth trying. Our Dorsets are both Horned and Polled (without horns) today it is more common to see the it is much more common to see Dorset's without horns which has led to the Horned Dorset's to be put on the conservation list.

We offer fiber products from both our traditionally colored white ewes as well as are very rare black and moorit ewes. Dorset falls within the category of medium or "Down" fiber. The soft, springy fiber of the Dorset makes it a very versatile, lending it to use in everyday garments, blankets and more. The nature of Dorset wool naturally captures air into the yarn as it is spun resulting in a very warm and insulating yarn. Dorset wool does not wet felt very well but can be used needle felted projects.


We offer Dorsets yarn ,roving and occasionally raw fleeces. 


Romney Fiber Products:

Romney is a classic for spinners and hand-crafters. As a longwool breed, ideal for outerwear garments and household items. Our sheep are selected for beautiful high quality fleeces with spinners and hand-crafters in mind. For beginning spinners, this is an ideal breed to learn on. Romney is very easy to spin and is very forgiving. Felters will have no problem both wet felting or needle felting this fiber. Yarn spun from Romney wool will maintain a beautiful lusture (shine) that will translate into the garments made from it.

We offer and range of colors of raw Romney fleeces, yarn and roving. 

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